Let us introduce ourselves

RibbonHealth is a service set up by Specialist Chartered Physiotherapists Anna Clayton and Hayley Jarvill with the aim of using the latest, evidence-based Physiotherapy practice to provide individual support for those living with a cancer diagnosis.

RibbonHealth delivers bespoke and personal services to cancer patients at each step of their journey from diagnosis, through their treatment regime and beyond. It is essential for the fitness and wellbeing of each patient to know that it is safe to exercise and how and when to do so; RibbonHealth will tailor the services it offers to individual requirements, understanding that one-size doesn’t fit all.

A frequently asked question is ‘can I do this with my specific condition?’ RibbonHealth will give the support needed to replace any doubts with the confidence and resources to enable patients to achieve their individual goals.

Anna and Hayley have gained internationally recognised accreditations in Oncology Physiotherapy and Masters level specialised training in diagnostics, pelvic health, rehabilitation and advanced Physiotherapy treatments, enabling them to help with exercise, nutrition, hands-on treatments, mindfulness and social re-integration, as well as helping to answer the many questions which are unique to each patient and their treatment. The starting point will be a detailed initial consultation to establish a patient’s needs, followed by the design of a specialised Retreat and Rehabilitation programme to give reassurance that exercise can be carried out safely and effectively.

For further information or to answer any questions you may have, please visit: www.ribbonhealth.co.uk or call on: 07842536405. RibbonHealth can also be found on social media: @RibbonHealthLTD

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