Ribbon Workshops for Cancer patients

Where can I get help and understand how to manage my fatigue? Are there any specific exercises I can do? When should I start to increase movement following surgery? And how can I manage my anxiety levels?

If these questions sound familiar or you have similar enquiries, our Ribbon Health Oncology Physiotherapists can give professional advice, explore your concerns and create a plan that will help. We are running a selection of 1 and 2-hour workshops that cover such topics and many more. As part of our workshops, you will be given the necessary tools to manage, improve your symptoms and return to your desired activities based on the latest techniques and evidence-based research.

Newly diagnosed?

If you have recently been diagnosed, why not attend a workshop with a focus on prehabilitation techniques or relaxation that you could practice before your treatment or surgery begins. Our workshops are also offered to family members, partners and carers, as the longevity of cancer treatment has significant emotional impacts on all loved ones close to you. Ribbon Health will provide you with personalised recommendations about your lifestyles that look to help maximise your resilience to treatment.

If you are in the middle of your treatment and experience extreme fatigue or other side effects, Ribbon Health can work with you to find out the best way to manage your symptoms. It is often cyclical with chemotherapy treatment and we can help you find windows of opportunity to integrate other activities between treatment sessions.

Finished Treatment, what now?

For those nearing completion of active treatment or who have received surgery, Ribbon Health can offer a tailored plan to set you up for a return to a less hospital-based routine. That may involve getting back into walking the dog, doing the school run every weekday or returning to work. At whatever stage you are at with your treatment, Ribbon Heath can offer an individual plan to work towards your goals and keep you moving forwards.

For more information about our upcoming workshops and our range of cancer services, please visit please visit www.ribbonhealth.co.uk or call on 07842 536405. Ribbon Health can also be found on social media: @RibbonHealthLtd

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