Teenagers and Young adults with cancer

Did you know that approximately 2,200 15 to 24-year-olds are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK?

Teenage and early adolescent years can be challenging. Physical changes

to young bodies as well as the pressures of keeping up with current trends and impressing peers can be an on-going struggle. Social media, which rewards sharing content, is ever-present, but it often neglects the caring part of human contact and emotional support that is often needed in these formative years, perhaps accounting for an increase of reported mental health issues amongst this age group.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis at a time when young adults should be focusing on school, hobbies and other interests causes significant stress and worry for the patient and family members alike. Suddenly, a cancer diagnosis means you face multiple hospital appointments, gruelling treatment regimes and chemotherapy, appetite changes, hair loss, weight gain or loss, changes in mood, and early onset of puberty to name a few. This can lead to social isolation, mental health issues, and physical deconditioning. Longer term ill effects of treatments can also arise later on in life, for example, an increased risk for cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis, pain, as well as long term anxiety and depression. These can occur in as little as 10 years after receiving treatment.

Did you know?

At Ribbon Health, our Specialist Physiotherapists assess and help with all the physical, emotional and mental health needs associated with cancer treatments and their side effects. We pride ourselves on our range of services to support, treat and rehabilitate young adults of similar ages to work on fitness goals, return to normal life and social activities in an effective and safe environment.

To find out more about how we can help someone in your family, a loved one or friend please visit www.ribbonhealth.co.uk or call on 07842 536405.

Ribbon Health can also be found on social media: @RibbonHealthLtd

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