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A weekend escape

Treat yourself to a bespoke ribbon retreat, uniquely tailored for patients and their families going through their cancer treatment regime and beyond. You will receive ongoing support from your Physiotherapist and hotel staff during your stay.

  • Overnight stays and weekend breaks

  • Nutritious lunches specifically tailored to cancer appetites, taste changes & dietary needs

  • Consultation with a Specialist Physiotherapist

  • Tailored treatment session with a Specialist Physiotherapist

  • Exercise prescription and home programmes to take away

  • Relaxation sessions

  • Pilates session

  • Organised walks with the Physiotherapist to help with pacing and restore confidence

  • Workshops

  • Activity sessions for Families

  • Patients can also book additional treatments in advance

  • Use of Pool and Spa facilities*


 (Treatment choices range from scar tissue massage & mobilisations/acupuncture/joint specific hands on physiotherapy treatments depending on your needs or your physiotherapist's recommendation)

*facilities may vary depending on location

Booked online.

It's easy, fast and secure.